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Evolutional Automation

Many semiconductor device manufacturers around the globe excel with their technology for years. It is challenging to bring the existing manufacturing, sub 8” fab mostly, to next level to meet the requirement of most advanced IC device manufacturing.

Wonder Automation brings a group of >20 years’ related automation equipment and software professionals to address this market.

We help client incrementally installing automation for wafer transfer, packing and visual inspection; communicating with fab host via SEMI Standard SECS/GEM.

An evolutional way to help our client stay away from wafer wand and paper/excel to adopt Intelligent Manufacturing needed for tomorrow’s world.

Wafer Transfer/Packs

Multi size, multi carrier
and multi wafer types

We keep design sorter/ EFEM (Equipment Front End Module) as simple as possible by standardizing the module for all jobs.

  • 6”~12” multi size
  • Recipe driven or manual operation
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Intuitive interface for users
  • Optional coin stack canister packing / unpacking


Batch Wafer Transfer

An economic step-up from manual handling, 6”~12” wafer

Single Wafer Sorter

2-cassette wafer transfer sorting by slot, wafer mapping, 4”~8” wafer

Wafer ID Read

Simple tool to align and read wafer ID, optional wafer visual inspection,

For your own build

Wafer transfer robot, aligner, mapping sensor, IOSS wafer ID reading OCR, cassette station, frame design

Wonder Automation, an official Distributor and Value Added Reseller

Wafer Inspect

Improved remote visual inspection

Microscope visual inspection does not need to be an eye draining task. With Keyence VHX, up to 6000X resolution, you can easily examine wafer from monitor

  • Auto loading/binning wafer
  • Multi size exam (6”~12”)
  • Recipe driven or manual operation
  • Defect Wafer Map
  • Optional macro visual inspection and microscope tilting

ID Scribing

Wafer Laser Marker/Sorter

Integrated with world’s smartest Keyence MD-X series laser scribing, our laser marking/sorting features a 3-axis simultaneous hybrid laser control system that creates precise marking.

  • Built-in power calibration (no operator calibration necessary)
  • Built-in camera and lighting for process monitoring and marking confirmation
  • Auto loading/sorting wafers
  • Multi size 6”~12”, multi carrier, multi wafer types
  • Recipe driven or manual operation

Intelligent Manufacturing

Shall Not Be A Slogan

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